I didn’t plan on going further uptown than I’ve ever been before on today’s long run. I typically like to run in a long straight line south because I get really irritated with twisting and turning routes. Maybe my feet pointing me north today was my subconscious acknowledging the fact that this will be my last week as a resident of uptown Manhattan! Better make use of this time to see the things I’ve been meaning to see… I’m so excited to move to Brooklyn, by the way!

So anyway, after trailing a guy running with his dog unleashed (adorable), I found myself in the Cloisters, which was really disorienting for some reason. I don’t know, I was so confused by how a space like this existed in the middle of Washington Heights? Anyway, the spring flower photos are trite and cliche, but the blossoms had me in awe, and seriously distracted for a good two miles.

I thought I’d try to navigate a nearby trail before some shady figures warded me off. I made my way back to civilization, ran to Jersey via the George Washington one last time (who knows when I’ll be this far up north again), and finished off my route on Riverside.

Two more long runs before we begin to taper — crazy! Is this really happening??? 

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